Disabling looper mode message?

Is there a way a completely disable messages when changing between banks/pages or entering/exiting looper mode?

I currently have my MC6 programmed with looper functions, in looper mode on page 1, with button D programmed to exit looper mode then toggle page. Page has other functions with combinations of press and long commands. Each of these is set to enter looper mode and toggle back to page 1 so I don’t need to manually go back to page 1.

The “entering/exiting looper mode” message always appears between page changes which delays my ability to carry out the next command.

Is there a way to disable this message completely? I am trying to speed up page changes but was wondering whether this was the time it takes the MC6 to load the new pages presets?

There’s currently no way to disable that message. I’m not sure about whether this will suit your workflow, but if you use the On First Engage action, the Looper message will not be displayed.
More info on that action type here: https://morningstarengineering.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/MMS/pages/181698574/Action+Glossary#On-First-Engage

I don’t think that will work in my current workflow, but it looks interesting. Something to play with in the future.

Not to worry, I was just hoping to save half a second.

yeah I’d understand some users may not want the message displayed. We’re working on bug fixes for v3.9.2 which we will publish early next week, I’ll see if I can squeeze in this setting to disable the message.

That would be awesome if possible. If not, it’s not that big of a deal.

So off topic, but I just saw On First Engage (send only this) for the first time, really cool idea.

yeah we realised there was a use case for sending just this action first without the other Press actions etc.

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Ok we have published this update in v3.9.2 (marked as beta for now).
You can see the Disable Looper message toggle in the staging editor: Morningstar MIDI Editor


@james Having a hard time keeping up with you! Hahaha!

Is there any reason that displaying a message should prevent the buttons from being active or taking on their new roles immediately?

That is, the buttons are always active and changes occur whether or not a message is displayed. If another message needs to be displayed, it replaces the last one (and reset the timeout period).

The controller should be responsive to the buttons no matter what is displayed (ideally).

Just updated to 3.9.2 beta and tried it out. Works perfectly.

You guys are amazing. Seriously, anyone who even thinks about a midi controller other than a Morningstar has rocks in their head.

As a suggestion for future firmware updates - is it possible to implement button queueing? I could hit say three buttons in quick succession eg button A bank one, bank up, button C on bank 2 and have the commands remembered and carried out in that order without having to wait for each set of button commands to be executed before moving on to the next?

Yes, currently this looper message display is blocking - we can improve on that in future updates

Thanks for the feedback and suggestion.

Button event queuing is a little more complicated when the controller needs to know the type of “press” is executed (double tap etc). It’s super easy if we only have the Press function available, where we can just put all the buttons that are pressed into a queue and then have a processor work on that queue. But if users are, for example, expecting a message to be sent when a switch is pressed and another when it is released (without any delay), or knowing that a button is double tapped when the processor is still processing another event) is tricky. Not saying it is not possible, just something we have not wrapped out heads around… yet.