Disable preset when activating another morningstar fx preset

Hello everyone, does anyone know how disable preset when activating another morningstar fx preset

Easiest way is to go into bank settings:

Clear Preset Toggles

The Clear Preset Toggles function, if turned on, will clear the toggle positions of all the presets in the Bank, except the last engaged Preset. This is useful if you want to have only one Preset blinking or Toggle name displayed at any one time to show what was the last engaged Preset.

Hi, thanks for your answer. Does this make it return to its initial state when pressing each preset?

Yes, exactly that. Needs setting per bank.

Thanks, I’ll try it and tell you.

Hello, good morning. I have tried the clear togles function, but the problem persists.
in the preset a I have 3 messages 2 go to a ml 5 and another to a h9
msg 1 is 8.0,midich4(ml5)
msg 2 is 10.0, midi ch 4
ell msg 3 is 50,127,midich 2 (h9)
all in pos,1
in the presetB I have in the msg 1
in the mg2
pc 19 midich2 pos1
50,127,midich2 pos 2
51,127,midi ch 2 pos 1
when i go back to the preset a
the order of msg 1 of A is not activated on the first press and I have to press 2 times to activate it
sorry for the rambling

Can you post screenshots of preset A and preset b?

I hope it is more or less clear, thanks for your time

I’m having very similar issues as well. Specifically related to toggle switch and parameters not resetting properly. I’ve tried to remedy this by creating a template (which I call “home base”) that essentially wastes several message by putting all my effects in either an “off” or “bypass” state before I make any new CC or PC messages.

This came in 2 cases.
1.) I switching from a preset that used my Big Sky to one that didn’t the unit remained on. Because I’m relatively new (had my Morningstar for a week), i figured that i needed to create a host of “template messages” for every preset that put my Chase Bliss, Eventide, and Strymon pedals in a bypass/off state (6 pedals in all) at the beginning of EVERY preset.

2.) The toggle state has catching every other time I pressed the switch. I was using my Compadre and wanted to toggle the boost section on/off. Most of the time the boost would behave as if it was in position 1 instead of position 2. Then, If I switched into another preset entirely and came back to it, it would behave as programmed. Further, the next time I tried to come back to this preset, the boost would be on again…I also tried reversing the value (swapping position 1 with position 2 and had the same result).

I’m sure it’s something I may be doing wrong, but reading that others are experiencing similar issues makes me think there might be a possibility of something else?