Disable dual switch bank up down but keep dual switch page functionality

I might have missed a setting, but I cannot get this to work. I would like to disable the dual button bank up and down functionality while keeping the same functionality for page up and down on the top row buttons. I only found option to disable but double switch functionalities.

Hi! Not possible.

Some options: if space/budget permits, highly recommend adding an external switch and handing off page and bank change to the external switch.

Or, disable the function then add (for example) a Long Press on one of the switches on each page to invoke bank change mode or page toggle. You would then need to change any Press actions on that switch to Release instead, so that they can co-exist. So then “Press” affects your pedal / thing as normal, and “Long Press” lets you switch page or bank.


In fact, I think selective disable/enable of bank and/or page dual-switch would be a useful feature.

@james - just tried to add this as a “Request” card in the public roadmap Trello, but it’s not showing. Do you see / approve Requests added by non-MS people, or is it locked so that only MS people can add new?

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Thank you for your replies. I have external switches, but space is the issue at the moment. It does seem like an easy feature to add though. Would be great!

it’s not public at the moment. We can use a typeform and link it to this board in the future

Card for this: Trello


Great, thanks for adding this as a request

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