Dis-engage toggle in a different bank: Possible?

I’m using my MC6 MKII with my FM3.

Bank 1 of the MC6 selects FM3 presets.
Bank 2 selects FM3 scenes.
Bank 3 toggles FM3 effects on/off.

The FM3 presets are saved with all effects “off”.

I was looking into using the Toggle Blink option to show engaged effects blinking. The problem, of course, is that on a preset change by Bank1, the blink state can be out of sync with the actual “off” state of the newly-selected FM3 presets.

I am familiar with the Set Toggle MC6 command. However, it only seems to work on MC6 presets in the same bank.

Is there a way to dis-engage the toggle state of Bank 3 presets, with a press issued by a Bank 1 preset?

Thanks, whatever the answer is. The MC6 is a pretty great piece of gear!

Hi… you should be able to use Engage Preset Message Type List or Trigger Messages Message Type List from a Preset in Bank 1 to do something to a preset in another bank…

If you always start a preset with all fx off, you could program a preset on page three of your fx bank with a ‘set toggle’ and ‘disengage’.Then program an ‘engage preset’ on your fm3 presets to execute that action.

You need to use the Global Toggles such that the state of an effect is maintained across all banks. Then each button that uses it you set to that specific Global Toggle and you should be ok . . .

@TomHyzy - I don’t know if you’re aware, but the MC can integrate with the FM3. Not that I have one / any experience, but maybe worth a look?

@GuitarWolf GuitarWolf, brilliant, thank you! That works beautifully.
Tom Hyzy

@psweetie11 Psweetie11, thanks, I don’t know how to use Global Toggles. I will review them. In the meantime, GuitarWolf’s suggestion works.
Tom Hyzy

@moley6knipe , yes, I know about FM3 integration on the MC6, thanks. However, it does not read the FM3 effects state, so I had to figure out a work-around. I appreciate the reply in any case.
Tom Hyzy

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Glad you’re sorted. As a rule of thumb: if you can think it, the MC can probably do it! :smiley: