Different Expression Messages for Different Presets

How to use the Select Expression Message feature to change the expression messages your expression pedal sends with each preset:


Select expression message is a GLOBAL SETTING.
How do know WHICH MESSAGES are sent from the Expression Pedal?

This is not the same as setting discrete Expression CC,s for a particular bank and switch.

As soon as you make your choices in “select expression message” it is set as a GLOBAL CHOICE.

Hi. Expression pedal settings are bank specific, not global. The ‘Select Expression Message’ is not a global setting, it is switch specific. If you watched the video, you would have seen that it is programmed to a switch. You can have different ‘Select Expression Message’ commands for different switches.

You can use the MIDI monitor, which is built into the editor to see which expression messages are being sent.

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Thanks Brandon.
I will re-visit the video.

By “Switch” you mean the MC8 controller foot switches yes?
Not the Omniport #1 - set to Expression Pedal mode.

Bob Watson

Yes, ‘Select Expression Message’ commands are programmed to footswitches as shown in the video.

Yes, but…

When I followed the video instructions and selected messages for specific pedals, my expression pedal started to light up other pedals in the chain that were not programmed to respond to the expression messages.

So I accepted that I had done something wrong and kept reading. This is what’s printed in Morningstar Engineering’s “Message Type” list:

When the word “global” is used, it usually connotes “to infinity and beyond.”

The gap between “easy peasy” videos and techno-jargon manuals that simply regurgitate the obvious with little if any expansion of concept and application is chasmic and can, no “does,” confuse.

I value my MC8 and have and will continue to praise Morningstar Engineering’s products and stellar customer support, so my following observation is not directed at them.

Practically every “MIDI for Beginners” article starts with how long MIDI has been around, but finding a practical, comprehensive and accessible “how to” compendium is as easy as getting a bucket of steam.

MIDI is laborious to learn and, given all the incantation-esque and not-so-matter-of-fact locutions of search phrases necessary to ferret out the answers to questions that plague the process, confusing! Still, given it’s ultimate reward, it is worth running the gauntlet of frustratingly infuriating dead ends.

That’s my “global” view of my love/hate relationship with MIDI.

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