Device Mode similar to Disaster Area

If anyone here is familiar with Disaster Area midi controllers, can you tell me if the MC6 Pro has a “Device Mode” or something similar to the DMC midi controllers?

I’ve been hesitant to switch from my DMC-6, because Device Mode makes it SO easy to change individual pedal settings inside of song presets on the fly.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

What does “device mode” do? Morningstar MIDI controllers can send any type of MIDI messages you need, whether it’s PC messages to recall presets or CC messages to control effect parameters/functions on the receiving device. Our controllers are fully programmable so each switch can send whatever combination of MIDI messages you need.

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I have limited experience with Disaster Area devices…but in my opinion, DMC and Morningstar have very different ecosystems. It’s difficult to compare them. Personally, I did not find the Disaster Area workflow to be very intuitive in comparison to Morningstar. @Brandon correctly points out that the Morningstar controllers have a wide range of functionality. Can you be more specific about what you are looking to accomplish?