Desktop editor issues

Hey All,

I am programming my MC8 using Morningstar desktop version 1.2.5 on M1 Mac Monterey 12.6.3. Several times I have created a simple press command for a single cc or pc. And nothing happens. So, I go to Midi monitor and nothing is shown when I hit my programmed switch. I go back to the switch, clear it, reprogram it. Then it will work. Sometimes I have to reboot the MC8.

Now, I’m trying to program a HOME switch bank jump. On every bank I have a HOME switch. Press action, type Bank Jump, last used bank = no, bank number = 1, go to page 2, Ignore bank preset on exit, ingnore bank preset on enter… all set to off. Pos = Both or 1.

No matter how many times I reprogram the switches, nothing happens, or reboot… Nothing in Midi monitor.

Can you share your bank backup file so I can take a look at how the preset is programmed? Does this happen to all switches or just a specific switch?

Could be any switch…
I can’t seem to discover a rhyme nor reason.

So, last night I rebooted several times. Completely reprogrammed the Home switches. Disconected from laptop. Still nothing.

Today, I started my rig up and it all worked.

You were disconnected from the editor or you had “Load Preset Data into Editor using Switch Press” set ‘Off’ when you had the issues I guess?

As James says, posting the JSON files would allow a look to see if the method of programming is causing this…

Yeah, when I get back to my laptop, I will post the json.

I had a few issues early on with the standalone editor; can I recommend using the browser-based editor instead? I’m also a Mac user, and I find the browser editor to be far superior and it’s always automatically the most updated version. It’s not Safari compatible, so I use Chrome; in fact my Chrome homepage is the editor. Feels just like a standalone application.

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