Delay between switching presets

I’m new to midi. I have a Nemisis Delay with a morning star MC6 and there is a very noticeable delay between switching. I.E. stepping on the foot switches. Does anyone know if the time can be eliminated or reduced and how?

Hi Daniel,

There are a few possibilities assuming the delay is from the MC6.

  1. Switch sensitivity. You can increase the switch sensitivity to the maximum (5), which will reduce the delay from when the switch is pressed to when the MIDI messages are sent out. Do note that at the highest sensitivity, executing dual switch press (to bank up and down, for example) will be quite hard.
  2. Double Tap action in your preset. If you have a double tap action in your preset, along with a press action, there will be a delay when you execute a press action as the controller is determining whether a double tap will be executed. If you remove the double tap action then there will be no delay.
  3. Use Looper Mode:

Hey James,

Thanks for the reply! Are you able to tell me how to make the top two points on you list happen? I’ve looked at the manual but It isn’t clear about how to navigate through the pedal to make these changes-for example, the sensitivity.

Cheers again,


To adjust the switch sensitivity, you just need to connect to the editor >> Controller Settings >> General Configuration.

For the second point, you just need to avoid programming a message with a double tap action in your preset if you want to avoid any delays.

The easiest way by far to program your MC MIDI pedal, is to hook it up to a PC or Mac via USB cable, then go to the Morningstar website and open the Morningstar Device Editor, and do all of your pedal programming from the webpage. Watch ALL of the related Morningstar videos on this website more than once. One handy trick that can easily be done directly on the MIDI pedal is to copy an existing button setting for a specific preset (e.g. Preset “D”) to every other preset D in every other bank (a handy trick to know - and Morningstar has a video on how to do it).