Dedicated Beatbuddy Bank

Hello everyone.

I created the attached MC-6 mkii Bank file containing some of the most common Beatbuddy actions, as a guide. It’s up to you to edit, move, mix, etc., the messages to accommodate them to your needs. There are two pages and (just in case) you access the second page by pressing switches A+D simultaneously (corresponding to the PageTogl Preset -I- on the second page)

Some comments:

  1. The capability to recall (via MIDI) the BB Drumset screen that pops up when the BB middle button is pressed does not appear to have been implemented by Singular Sound. I find the Drumset recall exercise cumbersome and -in my opinion- impractical during a live session (I never change drum kits during a live performance as I carefully choose them beforehand)

    Nevertheless, you can scroll through Drumsets using the BB-INC and BB-DEC Presets (page 2) included in the attached Bank file but you’ll need to first press the BB middle button. If you just press either of these two Presets on their own the BB will scroll through the Songs in the Folder used last. These two Presets have each a Release action, to INCrement or DECrement by 1, respectively, and a Long Press Scroll action, to rapidly scroll through Drumsets (in this case)

  2. The BBFolder Preset (page 2) is just one instruction and the first Press action will open the BB Folder page at the last Folder that was used. You then use Presets BB-INC and BB-DEC to scroll through the Folders. A second Press action will Enter a Folder and you scroll through songs using Presets BB-INC and BB-DEC. A 3rd Press action will Exit the Folder.

Apart from the most common BB actions, I also included a BBTapTmp Preset to select the Tempo, and a BBVol+/- Preset, for BB Volume INCrement and DECrement.
There are 3 actions in this preset:

  • Double Tap: Sets the BB vol to 80 (you can choose what value works best for you)
  • Release: Decrease the current volume by 1 with each action
  • Long Press: Increase the current volume by 1 with each action

I tried adding Long Press Scroll messages to this preset but it didn’t work well. May be somebody can find a better way,

Here’s the Bank:
Morningstar_MC6_MKII_Bank_Backup_File_BeatbuddyV2.syx (5.6 KB)

I hope this is useful.


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Very generous of you, Luis! Makes me want to get a BeatBuddy…

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Thank you @Quasar, my pleasure! There have been some questions in the forum in relation to the Beatbuddy and MS controllers so I thought this Bank might be useful for some.

The Beatbuddy is an amazing drum machine, powerful, versatile and with a very small footprint. I’ve had mine since its kickstarter days and it changed my life as a performing musician.
Singular Sound has been working for a long time on revamping its Manager/Editor software (its Achilles heel) but any DAW can be used to overcome the limitations of the BB Editor.
I highly recommend it.


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Thanks Luis! I need to check it out. I really like having access to the transition controls from the MC6 because you don’t have to have the pedal depressed the whole time. And the 1/2 time, double time controls are really fun to play with as well. How long did it take you to get proficient with the BB?


You’re welcome, Joseph.
I’ve had my Beatbuddy since Oct 2014, so it’s difficult for me to answer your question as it has been a gradual progress. Getting proficient at the BB editor was trickier and it demanded quite some time and work to get where I am now.

Regarding the bank I made, Morningstar made a vídeo about the BB which shows better, more clever ways (I think) to control it. Here’s the link, in case you haven’t seen it yet.
Best of luck!

Wow, also really nice! I love the quality of the BB and the midi functionality. But I think I need to keep practicing with it. Do you loop as well or just the BB with a live sound?

I loop very little, though more so these days. I use the Voicelive 3 (VL3) built in looper which is quite powerful but its controls are somewhat cumbersome. Actually, I think its too much to ask of 3-in-1 unit that does Vocal processing (including amazing harmony capabilities), Guitar processing and Looping.

But apart from the VL3 and the BB I also have a Roland GR-55 Guitar Synth at my feet, so there’s a lot of tap dancing involved, which the MC-6 has simplified considerably!

On top of that, I use the Onsong app (iPad) to do my Playlist selection via PC messages and also to send and receive CC messages to/from the other devices. I’ve attached a couple of pics to clarify the picture:

I’m signing off for today so, will check for any more messages tomorrow :slight_smile: Cheers!

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I apologize, but I think I just got a little drool on your looper board. Very nice!

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He he, thanks @AngusM !
It took me a while to put together the pedalboard arrangement that would fit my style as a one-man-band musician. The actual case was built for me by Multi-caisses in Québec city, as per my design. Very nice and professional people. They do the cases for Cirque Du Soleil.


I use a MC6 and BeatBuddy for live performances. My notes:

I use an Android tablet running SongBook to change BB settings for songs, I don’t think it’s practical to be selecting the song, setting tempo, volume, etc on the BB live. My tablet plugs into my MC6 via USB and then passes through to the BB.

I have one MC6 button for BB transitions, the MIDI command for this will also start the BB, so no need I’m aware of for a separate BB “Start” button. I use another MC6 button for BB outro to end the song. I rely on the BB pedal for fills, works and then no need to burn a MC6 button for this. With this setup I can start a song, do fills, do transitions and end the song with 2 MC6 buttons and the BB pedal and all single tapping.

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That’s great, @scott.
I also have a single MC-6 switch for BB transitions, but I decided to also continue to use an external BB pedal (the small Boss FS-7, on my pics) which I use for Outro and Pause/Unpause. The rest of my BB needs, like selecting songs, changing volume or tempo, etc, I control via Onsong or the MC-6 (BB CC messages embedded within multi-message-Presets involving other devices as well)

But after watching the MS video I thought it would be a good idea to devote a MC-6 bank to the BB, which I access via one of the switches on the second page, on a need basis. I haven’t used it yet but better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

This may also work very nicely for users who do not use an app, like you and I, and need to select songs (or Playlists, as per the latest firmware), change (taping or scrolling) tempo, drumsets, volume, etc., manually.

All in all, it all depends on the performance style and needs (other pedals involved, for instance) of each person. The MS controllers just opens up tons of posibilities!


Luis, beautiful setup you have there! You’ve really crafted a tight board. I’ve tried most of the loopers, including the VoiceLive Touch 1 and 2. No midi on the first and the midi implementation was terrible on the 2nd. The floor model looks like their flagship but I went for other loopers after that. You’ve certainly got the one man show setup there. I’m inspired.

So GR-55 into the VL3 for another layer of effects/looping? Then your mic audio, all beautifully routed.

I didn’t realize you could do this. I bought the groove monkey list from Singular Sound, which has more complicated starts and finishes, and transitions. It’s great content but it takes some work to figure out which songs are good and then to remember them. I have a bank setup on the MC6 where a click gives me one song and a double click gives me the next. I have maybe 20 songs at my feet but it’s just hard to remember them all. It’s a bit of a practice curve. I didn’t know about the connectivity from tablets through the USB port…nice!

Thanks @Joedeltree, I’m really happy with my setup. You got me thinking about how much a pedalboard reflects the personality of its owner :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the MIDI implementation on the VL3 is very limited, even using the more obscure SysEx messages, which is a shame. But, as I said, l have just a handful of songs that involve looping.

Not quite, he he. My Godin is one of those 13-pin guitars that use its strings vibrations to actuate on suitable pedals, like the Roland GR-55, to allow me to play virtual or modeled instruments assigned to each string. So, I normally have the 4th, 5th and 6th strings assigned to one of the bass sounds, and perhaps strings (so many to choose from!) on the other three strings, or pianos, harmonicas, Oooh/Aaah choirs, etc. And I control their volumen and activation either using the built-in expression pedal plus 3 other built-in switches or via MIDI. And I can have up to 4 simultaneously active instruments and a total of 6 different instruments per Patch. The GR-55 is an amazing pedal.

So, the Godin Multiac goes into the GR-55 and its main outputs go to the mixer (which I can also control via MIDI via an independent app someone developed). The actual guitar sound goes out the GR-55 and into the VL3 via a dedicated 1/4 jack, for processing and creating harmonies - when needed. And I also use the headphone output of the GR-55 as VL3 Aux input for looping - when needed. I’ll attach a diagram which describes my setup regarding MIDI connections.

@LuisLugo - good work sir. You’ve slightly blown my mind with your setup there! And excellent diagramming too! :clap:t2:

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Thank you x 2, @moley6knipe, very kind of you.

I’m sure that by sharing our gear configurations and usage practices other people will benefit and will pick up some ideas for their/our own setups, even if at first they don’t seem to relate.



@LuisLugo, thank you for sending that along. Excellent! I saw it and then got lost studying it. I’m definitely going to check out that WIDI device for my own rig. But tell us, do you have a fancy graphic for your signal chain as well?

@Joedeltree Thank you.

About my signal chain graphic, I don’t have one but I’ll make it, though it would be very specific to my sui-generis setup and performing style.

BTW, I forgot to mention earlier what I do to remind myself when to change the BB different parts while performing: I add short messages in brackets within my Onsong lyrics files, such as (BBIntro) for the Intro, (BBF) for a fill, (BBT) for transfer, (BBO) for Outro, and (BB1), (BB2), (BBinst), etc. in front of words or verses, chorus, instrumental, etc. parts, as applicable. It takes a little practice but after a while it becomes second nature.
Singular Sound has been promising for ages an Autopilot capability which will allow users to preprogram the BB multi-part songs to play automatically with one press (referred to as “OP” on their forum) but I’m not holding my breath.


@Joedeltree, here’s the audio routing graphic of my pedalboard. I added the MIDI elements on a separate box just to included everything that’s in it. I hope it’s self-explanatory. The image resolution should be good enough to do large zooms in order to read the pedal(s) labels.

PS: My graphic was incomplete the first time I uploaded it :stuck_out_tongue: