Custom footswitch assignments triggering continuously

There seems to be a bug (hope this is not intended behavior) with custom actions assigned to external footswitches. I have mine set to scroll banks up/down and toggle pages, but when I press a footswitch, it keeps scrolling banks up/down instead of just switching once per switch press. If this is not a bug, could it at least be an option to enable or disable the continuous triggering behavior?

Thanks for the feedback. Can you share a screenshot of your omniport settings? It shouldn’t be continuous, unless you hold down the switch.

Your external footswitch is not a latching switch right? It should be momentary.

Ah I specifically meant when holding down the switch. The problem is that the time between first and second triggering is so short that I often scroll two banks when I meant to scroll one. If this is intended behavior, maybe the delay needs a tweak? Or have a longer delay after the first triggering, then start scrolling faster?

I see, thanks for the info. Can you try adjusting the Bank Change Delay setting in the Controller settings and see if it works for you?

Ok while doing this, I found a bug: when setting global settings with the MIDI Editor, disconnecting and connecting the pedal (to restart) will reset all global settings to default in the editor. Thankfully not on the pedal though.

Anyway, changing bank delay time only affects the scroll time when using dual presses of the internal footswitches. Aux switches still scroll quickly regardless of this setting.

Thanks for the feedback.

Ok, I see the issue, will release a fix for the bank change with aux switch.

Regarding the bug, yes when disconnecting, the global settings will be reset. If the settings don’t load when you re-connect, you can click on “Load Settings”. We’ll improve this in future developments.

Thanks for the info and for acknowledging the bug, you definitely have best-in-class support :grin: