Custom Bank Sequence Issue

For some reason the custom bank sequence is not routing correctly in the drop down bank menu. For example my original sequence is bank 1, 2, 3; my custom is 2, 1, 3. But when I select 2 on the drop down menu after engaging and saving custom bank sequence it takes me to 1. This is still happening after reseting software and midi controller. Thanks for the help!

what firmware version are you using?

when connected to the editor in the latest version, custom bank sequence will be turned off until you exit the editor.

There’s some complications with editing while in custom bank sequence.

Hey James, I’m using 3.9 on an MC6 and the 1.2.1 software.

If you use the latest v3.9.6 firmware along with the latest editor (Morningstar MIDI Editor), the custom bank seq should disable when you connect.

Looks like you’re using the desktop editor downloaded from our site. I’d recommend installing the webapp as a desktop app instead so it gets updated automatically with any new features.
More info here: