Custom Bank Sequence Issue Xsonic

Hello! I’m currently using an MC8 to control my Axe FX III and loving it. I am running an Xsonic Xtone Pro into the MC8 which sends static midi commands and then using the MMC on the MC8 to interpret the commands at input and change banks. I use this setup to somewhat mimic the OMG9 setup.

The problem I’m having is this…when I initially boot up the MC8, the switches on the Xsonic don’t jump to the right banks on the MC8. I always have to go into the editor and “re-save” the custom bank sequence option in settings and then it works as intended. Not a huge problem, but it would be great to have it work right away. Thanks so much!

What firmware are you running? There were some changes to bank jump logic recently…

I am using the beta v3.11.0. Looks like that could have something to do with it.

Although…the first bullet point for the v3.11.0 beta firmware says that the issue of incoming PC changes not respecting the custom sequence is fixed. But I’m still experiencing it. Hmm.

Don’t know then. You’re using the beta editor I guess? Try giving it a hard refresh (F12 then right click refresh icon) - it was having some GUI update issues. And suggest maybe exporting all banks and attaching here for @james to eyeball?

Do share your controller backup data, and then let me know what message you are sending from the Xsonic? I’ll try to replicate the issue

Just to close the loop on this - I rolled back to the v3.10.2 firmware and now it is working perfectly.

The Xsonic Xtone Pro sends static commands (attaching a pic). Those are converted to basic PC commands to select which bank I am using on the MC8 to control the Axe Fx III.

Switch A - Home
Switch B - Scene Select
Switch C - Effects for individual bypass
Switch D - Looper

So if you’re in the green group and press footswitch A, CC 20 is sent to the MC and that’s mapped to eg a bank jump, I guess, that sort of thing?

I would post your all banks backup file anyway… it might be that (given you’ve rolled back fw and it’s now working) there’s a bug in there somewhere!

EDIT: good that it’s working as required now though!