Current rig for jamming

SY-1 → DIY fuzz → Cerberus → DSM\Humboldt -Send to Synesthesia => Secular Tempus => Return DSM\Humboldt => Infinity Looper.
This board is fun, even more so with the MC6.


Now that does look fun!

I loved the SY-1, but I just couldn’t cope with not having presets on a pedal that versatile. Oh well!

How are you managing your MIDI Clock in this rig?

SY-1 would be awesome with presets.
It’s great with an expression pedal .

I’ve got one Omniport sending MIDI to the Beatbuddy, then Infinity, and the MC6’s MIDI out goes to the Synesthesia, then Specular Tempus. No MIDI to Cerberus at present.

Generally, I just use the Beatbuddy as master to the looper, but I can also send MIDI clock from MC6 and everything, except the Cerberus, syncs to that.
I’ve not long got the MC6 so still playing around with it.

I need to solder up a MIDI split cable (or buy a MIDI splitter) so I can send MIDI to the Cerberus and Synesthesia. I’ve not been able to get the Cerberus to respond to Tap over MIDI; not tested it with MIDI clock yet.

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