Cross MIDI Thru for MIDI out signals coming from TRS (eg Sunset or Iridium) on MC8


I experienced that MIDI Thru on MC8 is working fine in transparently sending back to the USB channel signals coming from my Strymon Timeline and BigSky (connected via DIN MIDI).

But my pedals Iridium and Sunset doesn’t do so. (They are set to the correct MIDI output mode, I checked positively with direct USB connection to the Iridium).

In the manual for MC8 “Cross MIDI Thru” explicitely mentioned the DIN MIDI only.
So is it “works as designed” and TRS is not (yet?) supported by this feature?

Firmware version is 3.7.2

The Omniports doesn’t do MIDI IN though, and hence does not send anything to USB MIDI. Omniports only send MIDI OUT.

Hi James,
thanks for clarification.

If this is not a hardware restriction you might consider this as a feature request for future firmware versions :wink:

Thing is MIDI IN requires additional hardware to isolate both devices - we’ll explore if a software-only solution is viable.


And I guess also your new Morningstar MIDI box is acting in the same way.
Not meant to get MIDI in back from the TRS pedals connected.

So it seems Strymon brought up a new challenge using TRS for MIDI in and MIDI out.
With my Timeline and BigSky sitting in classic DIN MIDI chain after MC8 MIDI out and going back to MIDI in of the MC8 this works pretty well to have their MIDI command visible on USB MIDI side. (MC8 having Cross MIDI Thru turned on).

What setup would cover this in a completely transparent way so that also the signals send from Sunset (or Riverside) and Iridium can be consumed later in the MIDI chain?

The use case for wanting this, are all the iOS/Android or Mac/PC based editors (communicating via USB MIDI) that want to connect in a bi-directional way to the respective pedal.

Have you thought about getting a TRS to 5DIN MIDI cable adaptor?
For a single pedal.

Or a MIDI I/O box that does just that - like the one Meris has for their TRS MIDI pedals?
Four TRS ports connected to 5DIN MIDI IN & MIDI OUT for FOUR TRS MIDI PEDALS.

Thanks for this hint.
If the Meris I/O does real MIDI THRU (passing also along all signals from the IN) not only MIDI OUT (passing only the signals coming back from the TRS side) this would be the final solution. Just putting it in my MIDI DIN chain.

The manual and description is not very clear about this.
And I do not dare to buy another box that is again a „dead end“ device.