Creating Songs vs Just Controlling Gear

It just occurred to me that while initially learning how to use the MC6 Pro I was focusing solely on controlling gear, which is very different from creating banks and presets for playing and performing prearranged songs.

I had a similar experience after 4 semesters of music theory and sight singing / ear training, where I had to separate the academic and analytical aspects of music from actually creating, playing and having fun. It’s easy to get stuck on trying to analyze every damn thing you’re playing when it’s really not necessary or applicable.

Back to the MC6 Pro. So I wound up with a set of banks and presets for each instrument that I want to control, and these have basically turned into templates that I’m dipping into for control elements to include in actual song / performance banks.

Sometimes I’m able to control the RC-505 by hand and sometimes I need hands free control. I’ve also ordered a Boss Ev-30 and can’t wait to start creating motion with hands free parameter changes on the Digitakt while continuing to play the keys live!

A lot of you already know this stuff. I’m posting for others who may have gotten bogged down like I did.

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I’ve found myself there a lot. If you haven’t seen it yet make sure to check out the Waveform Generators. I started using an expression pedal and ended up using the waveforms more than my pedal at this point.


That’s a pretty ingenious feature, thanks!

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