Crash with "Manage Preset Scroll> Reverse Direction Once and Execute”

I posted this elsewhere, forgive me for the redundancy but there is a bug and a feature request in here so I thought it worth posting here too.I just got an MC6 Pro and I’m having fun trying out all the new possibilities. I was using a MIDI Mouse before to simply scroll PC messages up and down but I figured the MC6 Pro could do so much more for me. Unfortunately, I am not able to figure out a way to do something that is really simple and other MIDI foot switches do by default.

I would like to simply use one switch to scroll UP through presets with each recalled preset name displayed somewhere AND THEN have another switch that scrolls back DOWN through those same presets.

I have figured out the message scroll feature with “engage preset” message and how to reverse the scroll direction with a different switch action but unfortunately that workflow will not work for me. I am a drummer using MC6 Pro to control devices, my foot space is taken up by drum pedals and I don’t have the foot aim to nail lots of different switches with lots of difference switch actions. I just need to quickly hit one switch to progress through the presets used in my songs and hit another to go back down in the case that I occasionally accidentally advance too far.

The message scroll feature is somewhat useful but it gets really hacky and tedious to start needing multiple message types to engage the press of another preset, then the release, then use a message to rename the preset so I can visibly see where I am, then I need a message to make the scroll do 3 messages at once. If my song has 10 different parts in it to recall 10 different presets, we’re looking at about 31 or so messages. It seems like an overly complicated work around to do something that is done simply with other MIDI footswitches. Additionally, having to add a message to rename the preset each time I scroll, just to have a visual indication of what I engaged and where I am seems a little hacky of a work around.

I have tried to use a trigger message on another switch to engage “Utility> Manage Preset Scroll> Reverse Direction Once and Execute” message on the preset with all my scroll messages to scroll back down but unfortunately this hangs the device and locks it in a loop of repeatedly sending that message and I have to reboot. I assume this is a bug?

It would seem like this feature to scroll up and down presets would be something simple that a lot of users would find helpful as most other MIDI switches already do it. I have read other posts in the forums of people asking for it. I fully expected that a device this powerful and this programmable would certainly have this feature but I’m a little confused and let down now.