Couple of questions: Remember Preset Value on Power Cycle & Programming CC Value Names

Well I’m making headway now. I’ve got 6 SA pedals running through the neuro hub which are all being controlled by the MC6 pro. It is very fun and fufilling ince you get the hang of it. I currenlty have a main bank that will allow to jump to banks for each pedal. I’m starting with the LA Lady and so far I can engage/bypass, change engine type (1-50) and display the engine number, control the output volume up and down from one preset, display the output volume, and control the bass and treble up and down.

Now if I’m playing around and I find a cool setting using engine #10 and I mess a bit with the bass and treble, if I power cycle the unit it forgets my settings. Is there a way to remember settings or make them stick. I guess I could create a “scene” using the neuro hub and program a preset to send the corresponding PC to recall the setting. That does not work as well though for just messing around, takes way more thought and planning. I’d like to take a break (walk the dog, get a snack, etc.) and return to the same settings to continue creating a sound if that is possible.

Second, can you program a name into a cc value. Ex. CC1 - Value 25 is Fuzz Facade. Instead of just displaying the value 25 on the screen, can I program the editor to know that v25 is Fuzz Facade" and display that instead. Seems like it should be possible, but I’m a total midi noob and don’t know much or have any reference. Well, thanks for looking and all the help. I’m sure to have many more questions as I continue this journey!

Bump for how to remember settings. Say I’m liking Treble set to 72 and Bass at 40 for a particular sound. When I turn it off and come back the next day how can I get it to remember this instead of it returning to the default?

Hi, that’s not possible. There is an option to store the current position/CC value to a preset. But you would have to have a different expression pedal for each parameter to make that a feasable approach. Or you’d have to save every time you tweaked something, which would be tedious imho.
You might consider to set up a pc or message scroll counter that scrolls all of your pedals in unison through a dedicated range of presets and save the sound on your pedals. You’d have to recall just the right message using the counter.
Or use the neuro hubs scenes.

Regarding your other question, that isn’t possible either. You can set up a message scroll that scrolls through a set of values while renaming the preset. But the number of values would be limited to 14 at best.
Or you program a set of presets that are named after the engine you want to use.