Could you add spillover within a preset?

Hey !
I just got my ML10X and I’m currently making my setlist in midi on my MC8, but I have a problem :
I would love to get the ability to have spillover within a preset : like that, I’ll be able to have only one preset used for my mono rig, with a fixed signal chain, and I will only have to send specific ML10X “set loops” messages. That would be 200% faster than creating an saving 50 different presets that have the same chain order, but not the same bypass.

So, if you could add the ability to have some spillover when switching on and off different loops inside one preset (which is in simple mode btw), that would be killer.

What do you think about that @james ?

Have a nice day !

There is that feature here:

Just specify the loop that you want to spillover to the output. When the preset is changed, or when the loop is bypassed, it will spillover to the output.

Is that not working for you?

Be sure to enable spillover for that loop in the Controller Settings:

Unfortunately, it wasn’t working ! Was it besause I am toggling bypass loops via my MC8 ?
Does the “Last Connected” mode for the spillover should work as intended ?
I wasn’t having any trails coming from bypassing 3 different reverbs and echoes.

Last connected means the last connected loop to the output.

Can you share a screenshot of the editor showing the ML10X preset settings?

I am currently at work but I’ll do it in 2 hours.

Is there any way to have all the loop that are spillover-enabled in the ML10X settings having a way to get trails when toggling on and off differents loops within a single preset ?