Could a ML5 do this?

I’m looking for a way to have 4 instruments plugged into 4 inputs with one single output and the ability to select which input is active with a MIDI switch. I’m wondering if I could use the RETURN jacks on the ML5 as inputs and select which loop is active to select which input is active.

Would this work?


Electric guitar is plugged into RETURN A
Acoustic guitar is plugged into RETURN B

When loop A is active only the electric guitar signal goes to out. When loop B is active only the acoustic guitar signal goes out.

Yup, that will work as long as there is only 1 loop active at any one time. If all loops are active (for example), then the only the loop closest to the OUT port (i.e. Loop E) will be connected to the OUT. Loops A-D will have no connected to OUT at all because they are connected to the next loop’s SEND port, which is not connected to anything.


Perfect, thank you so much! Looks like I’ll be placing an order :slightly_smiling_face:

Morningstar… So versatile!

Just wanted to follow up in case anyone else is wondering, I’ve been using mine this way for the past year and it has worked perfectly!

Since the signal sent to the Input also is disconnected if any loop is active I’ve found I’m actually able to use one ML5 as an input router for 6 different instruments!

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Thanks for the update!

We have recently added a section in the manual to show other use cases as well: ML5 User Manual