Corrupted data message in online editor


I just got an MC8 through the blemished sale. I programmed a few presets into it the other day and everything seemed to be running properly.

Today I powered on my MC8 and attempted to use a preset i made which utilized the sequencer engine. The CC sequence didn’t appear to be running, as i didn’t hear the effect i had programmed the other day, so i plugged MC8 into my computer to check my presets and i got a notification saying something about “corrupted data received” but i don’t know what to do about this.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to solve this issue? I am running the most current firmware.

That message is just alerting the user that it didn’t receive the expected data from the MC8. You can just reload the preset or controller settings (or whatever you were loading in the editor) again. There isn’t anything wrong with the data in the controller.

Good to know. I may have an additional issue in that case. My MC8 was disconnecting and reconnecting to the editor on it’s own. I assumed this was related to the corrupted data message but it seems that may not be the case.