Copy & Paste Bank Presets


Is there a way to copy all the presets from one bank to another on the MC8?

For example: I have 16 presets on bank 1 set up to send PC 1 - 16 to midi channel 1.

I’d want to do the same thing on bank 2 except the PC’s should go to midi channel 2.

Can I copy bank 1 to bank 2 and then go through the presets and change the midi channel?


You can do it, but not globally.
“Edit bank settings” on bank 1
Bank up to bank 2
“Save bank setting”
Etc etc
Then you’ll have to go to each bank and change midi channel manually.

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Awesome. That works. Thanks!

FYI: Just pasting the bank then clicking presets does not show the new preset data. You do need to select another preset after pasting to see the changes.

I still think that adjusting some messages should be possible doing globally.