Controlling the Looper GT 1000 Core

I want to control the GT’s onboard looper using my MC8. There is no way to do this by CC messages via the “assign menu” of the GT, because the only target parameter in the looper category is looper level. Since I want to control rec/play/dub, stop, and clear by MIDI, I figured, maybe I could work around this by assigning this functions to CTL1-3 in the “control function” menu and map these switches to CC Numbers in “MIDI Settings”.
I’ve done some research and found this official Boss statement:
“When it comes to receiving MIDI commands, the GT-1000 essentially allows you to virtually mirror any or all of the functions that you would assign to a footswitch on the unit, using an external MIDI controller. […] you will be able to set the CC# for whichever footswitches you want to remotely activate.”

As I understand this (not a native speaker), it should be possibel to emulate or ‘mirror’ an actual physical switch by MIDI (‘pressing’ a switch by MIDI not by foot). I know for sure that this is possible with the Boss 500 series FX, because I managed to programm “Tap Tempo” on the RV500 and DD500 using this method. I’ve had no luck with the GT though.

Can anyone confirm that this is possible in the first place? And if so what am I doing wrong?

I turned to Boss and got the following answer:

"Unfortunately, it is not possible to control the looper function directly via MIDI. We will be happy to forward your suggestion accordingly.

If you do not use two of the footswitch connections and AMP CTL 1/2 for other purposes, you could try as a workaround to control the looper functions via MIDI as follows:
First connect one of the CTL connections to AMP CTL 1/2 using the TRS label. Then in CONTROL FUNCTION the previously wired CTLs would have to be assigned the desired looper function such as LOOPER or LOOPER STOP. Now you can select any MIDI CC as source for the respective AMP CTL connection in the CONTROL ASSIGN menu. When you send the specified MIDI CC to the GT-1000CORE with your MIDI controller, the corresponding looper function is performed. "

It’s a shame that they didn’t figure it out by themselves. Well maybe it will be patched.