Controlling the HX Stomp

Fundamentals to get you started with controlling the HX Stomp with your Morningstar controller!

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This is very helpful! I found that when controlling multiple parameters on the HX Stomp the MIDI Learn functionality didn’t work as expected (the way I did it). I set-up the HX Stomp with the CC Numbers per parameter and then selected the desired parameter values in the HX Edit software. From the MC8 I send values of 0 and 127 to switch between whatever I have set in the HX Stomp as the min and max value, for example CC Value 0 could be 30% mix and CC value 127 could be 45% mix.

This skips the part of calculating the needed CC Values to set the right parameter in the HX Stomp.

Edit: When you want to set multiple presets to control the parameters on the HX Stomp, all with different settings, the method above will not work. You’ll have to use the way as explained in the video.

Everywhere you look when learning basic MIDI, one is told to use different MIDI channel for each device. However, for both pedals to control each outher, both the HX Stomp and the MC8 have to be on the same MIDI Channel (I am using Ch 1). This way, when I change a preset on the HX, it changes the bank on the MC8. This is mentioned briefly in a couple of videos, but not plainly stated anywhere. If you can get your HX stomp to respond to the MC8 but the MC8 won’t change when changing HX presets on the stomp, then it is because they are not on the same MIDI channel.


I realized that if I want to change the preset and in the same time engage the snapshot in that preset, the HX Stomp will ignore the CC message which should activate the snapshot. This is probably because it takes some time to load preset on HX Stomp so the CC message activating a snapshot, or a stomp, or start recording a loop should be sent with a little delay. Is there a way to do that with the MC6? So I could send the PC message activating a new preset and the CC message with a delay activating the snapshot in that preset with the push of one knob?

You have a Morningstar Device Control Message called Delay that does what you want. Just need to put it between the PC and CC messages and give a value of 0-1260 ms. Normally I start with low values and increase until the destination device starts to react to the second command.

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It works, thank you! The delay time should be 130 ms if anybody wants to use CC messages along with the PC messages when changing the preset.

Line6 Helix firmware 3.10 just dropped, and with this update, the Stomp will indeed load a snapshot CC after it loads a preset CC (with slight delay to allow for preset load), per the update notes " * MIDI Snapshot changes on CC69 that are received during preset loads will now be buffered and executed once the preset load is finished. This means that you can send a MIDI Snapshot change immediately after a PC message to effectively load a preset with a different Snapshot than it was saved with"

but sadly it doesn’t work: