Controlling the Fractal FM3 and Mesa Boogie TC-50 with MC8


I want to move from the Fractal FX8 + Mesa TC-50 to the FM3 + MC8 + TC-50 but will only do if the below scenario works so would like to check if someone knows if it will.

Now, I know that I need to connect a Midi cable out of the FM3 to MIDI IN on the MC8 and another from MIDI OUT of the MC8 to the MIDI IN on the FM3 in oder to be able to sync the presets and scenes and see them on the MC8 screen.

My question is, since both MIDI OUT on the FM3 and MC8 will already be connected, how am I going to be able to connect to the MIDI IN on the Mesa TC-50 or any other tube amp that has MIDI in order to change channels, turn Solo on and off, etc? Will a Y MIDI cable work going out of the MC8 or the FM3 dk the trick?


I haven’t tried it, but from reading the MC-8 manual, you should be able to connect to one of the four Omniports which can also transmit Midi.