Controlling Strymon pedals from Headrush via an MC6.... possible?

Hey guys

My Headrush pedal only has programme change info over 128 channels. I’m wanting to send CC info from the Headrush, to turn on and off my Strymon pedals (that are in my fx loop of my amp) via MIDI. Would the MC6 be able to take this programme change message from the Headrush, and then if I connect it to my Strymon big sky and timeline pedals - enable me to turn them on and off?

I believe it will - but seeking assurance before purchasing!

Thanks kindly in advance


​The MC6 reacts to PC messages by changing banks, but does not trigger any presets. You can use the Bank Presets to send out CC message though.

Here’s an example:

The above setting sends a CC#4 message when Bank 1 is entered. If you send a PC#0 message to the MC6, it will “enter” Bank 1 and this CC message will get sent.

Alternatively, you could use the MIDI Message converter feature to convert the incoming PC messages to CC messages. Here’s an example:

The above will converting an incoming PC#0 message at the input (before the message is processed) and convert it to a CC#10 Value 1 message. If you refer to the MC6 MIDI CC implementation chart, a CC#10 value 1 message will trigger Preset A Press action. You can then just program Preset A in the current bank to send a CC message on a Press action.

Thanks for the reply! By using the MIDI message converter feature, converting to CC#10 seems like it could work - do you know if this can toggle the preset on and off though?

EDIT: also, after reading your explanation a bit more, i think i understand.

For one “scene” on the headrush, if i sent PC#0 to the MC6 - it can enter bank 1, and trigger my strymon pedals via MIDI to come on or off by CC#10.

For a second scene on the headrush, I could send PC#1 - to trigger bank 2, and a different set of presets on the strymon? Is that correct?

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