Controlling Source Audio pedals both from Morningstar MC and from Neuro App

I would like to be able to control a Source Audio pedal
(Spectrum) at the same time from the Morningstar midi
controller (via the Disaster Area micro.ghost) and from
a computer using the Neuro App. Both work fine independently.

The reason is that I am programming the expression for each
Spectrum preset from the Neuro app. I prefer this option over
calling various CCs from expression, as there is much less things
to remember. Basically each preset is tied to its own fixed
expression control.

But since I am controlling the expression from the Morningstar
(using a single CC call), this is cumbersome, since in order to
make sure the range of expression control is set right for my
taste, I need to unplug the computer, plug the MC, try the
expression, deplug the MC, replug the computer, etc…

One option would be to use a USB splitter cable (USB B mini to
two USB A) in order to connect the Spectrum both to the Morningstar
and to the computer. As anyone tried something like this, or is
it just hopeless?

Another option would be to buy the Source Audio Midi Adapter (and
resell the Disaster Area micro.ghost), since it enters the mini-jack port
(the computer would then enter through the mini-USB port). But will
it really work in this parallel situation?

Hi! Ah I see… the USB port on your Spectrum is plugged into the micro.ghost

An expensive option is to ditch the micro.ghost and replace with Source Audio Neuro Hub. That takes 5 pin din from your Morningstar and sends it to the SA pedals using TRRS cables/input.

Frees up the USB port on the Spectrum and then you can run usb cables from Spectrum and MC into your laptop (directly best, via a powered usb only hub generally ok too though) and control/edit both at the same time.

If you’ve got (or plan to get) >1 Source Audio pedals, the Hub is basically mandatory.

Thanks, that’s it indeed. I am not planning another Source Audio
pedal, so perhaps the cheaper, smaller and powerless adapter could
be a better option. I will try and report in case it works (or not). But
perhaps someone on the forum already tried it?

Yeah. So if just the one source audio pedal get their adaptor. Goes into the TRRS control port on your Spectrum and frees up the USB port. That’s the solution!

EDIT: I haven’t tried the above myself but sending midi in via the TRRS port definitely means you can connect MC and Pedal at the same time

For the one interested, it does work to midi control one SA pedal from MC* via the Adapter, while at the same time manipulating the SA presets via the computer Neuro App. This is nice for instance for setting up the expression range on the Neuro App, and testing it in real time with the expression pedal connected to the MC*.

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