Controlling SA C4 Synth

Hello fellow musicians!
I’d like to set up my Sourceaudio C4 to be controlled by MC6 using Source audio Neuro Hub.
I’ve got C4 already and I’m waiting for the SA Hub to be delivered and gathering some tips.

Preferably I’d like to be able create C4 sounds using iPad (SA neuro app) and then manage switching my presets using MorningStar.

I haven’t found working example with this workflow on youtube yet…

Anybody has this setup working? Any ideas where to start?

I’m still undecided between Morning star mc6 and mc8 :slight_smile:

I’m reading all the manuals and seems like the workflow MC6 -> SA Hub -> SA C4 will be quite tricky…

Seems like USB connector on SA C4 will be used either for programming sounds with neuro app (on ipad) and for controlling it using the Hub. Not for both at the same time…

Unless I’m missing something – doesn’t the Neuro Hub connect via the 1/8" midi trrs? You shouldn’t need to plug both the iPad and Hub into the mini USB input. You’d just have the MC6 send whichever PC message you need to the Neuro Hub, I think?


Benjamin is correct; it’s not as tricky as it looks. The Hub can just pass thru the MIDI commands from the MC6. You do not have to program the MC6 to do anything with the Hub. Just Connect the MC6 to Hub using the standard 5-pin MIDI cable and the Hub to the C4 using the Hub’s included 1/8" cables. Be sure to click the Scan Devices button on the Hub once the C4 is connected.

Then just send the MIDI messages from the MC6 to the C4’s MIDI channel if that is the only SA pedal you are using. Make sure the Hub and C4 DO NOT have the same MIDI channel. You should be able to set both of their MIDI channels via the Neuro editor.

(If you get more SA pedals you can use the Hub to save all the pedals’ settings to a “scene” and then use the MC6 to recall the scene’s via the Hub but for now just use MIDI commands from the MC6 to the C4)

I haven’t used the Neuro phone/iPad app to change settings on the C4 but I have used my computer. In either case you can skip using the Hub and connect to the C4 directly for editing purposes.

Hope this helps.

Also, this page is your friend:

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That helps a lot, thank you guys @benjaminsinger and @CharlieTuna
I’ve just ordered MC8 and I’m waiting for the shipment… I’ll report back :slight_smile:

I hope to be able to program both C4 and MC8 via iPad Pro… Let’s see how it works :slight_smile:

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Hi. I would like to ask, beside using Neuro Hub, is it possible to use Disaster Area Micro gHost as the “Hub” instead? What cable will be needed?

Hi Carlos, were you able to control the C4 and MC8 with your iPad? How are you doing it? Thanks, David

I have been using MC6 to control several SA hubs since the beginning I received it.
It has worked without problems chaining SA hubs along a midi cable bus (in and through) but I prefer now to use an IConnectivity MIOXM to get rid of all my midi cables and only use USB. MIOXM allows for many routing/filtering and mapping actions and thus allows several midi buses.
So SA Hubs are connected by USB to the midi Host inside MIOXM and the MC6 also, just as all my other midi stuff. No more midi cables, just USB. Then each SA Hub is connected by the SA proprietary mini midi connector to the pedals for which it manages scenes. MC6 sends PC messages to recall each scene. You have just to check that the Hubs are on the same midi channel (you could use the same channel as the hubs one for SA pedals … or different channels, hubs do translate.
IMO, the only interest of using a different channel for a pedals is in sending CC messages on this dedicated channel to this only pedal, in order it does no impact the other pedals connected to the hub.
You can also connect expression pedals to MC6/MC8 to act on each SA pedal according its midi table settings through the hub.

hey. i am having problems using Expression CC with non-SA pedals and having the Hub as well - for me, when the Hub MIDI IN receives also these Expression CCs (for example, to control the Expression of a Strymon pedal or der H9) it stops working properly, locks up; and even the Expression Input of the Hub Itself stops working properly.

Here is a link showing the Error, that I sent to SA - so far, it does not matter what i have tried (resetting, restoring the Hub, placing the Hub in different positions in the Midi Chain, using separate Expression Pedals), it always has the same problems

As a reference, my presets are usually all like this:
I have “PC”, “CC” and “Expression CC” Messages in all presets:
PC Midi Messages (and midi chain order): Hub (Channel 2) > Disaster Area Midi Box (for 3 Pedals: Chase Bliss x2 and Meris x1) > Mobius > H9
Expression CC: CC Expression to 3 Pedals: Meris from 0 to 127 (on at all times, controlled on the pedal with hell down and toe down by changing the knobs on these positions), H9 from 0 to 127 on at all times (controlled from the preset on the pedal itself via the Control app) and Mobius from 0 1o 127 (on at all times - control per preset on the pedal itself by havin “EP” set to ON or OFF)
CC Messages: one or two depending on the Preset, to specific Pedals (including ones on the Hub)

*every single Pedal has a separate Midi Channel , that is not Channel 2 which is the Channel for the Neurohub
*I use a Mission Engineering Double Expression Pedal EP25k: one to Hub Expression Input and one to Morningstar Expression Input1 - I tried using separate expression pedals for the Neurohub and the Morningstar and the same thing happens - it all seems to come from the fact that there are Expression CC messages being sent from the Morningstar via Midi that “overwhelm” the Neurohub, even though it is in its own separate midi channel!

I’ve managed to “lock” my Hub using MC6. I guess enough commands thrown at it in a short time overwhelm it… eg set up a fast multi cycle waveform generator sending CC and it soon results in the hub needing power pulled!

Programming MC6 via iPad (never tried it) would involve plugging USB A-B cable between iPad and MC6 (easy enough with the right adaptor) BUT the editor is either a windows app or a desktop chrome app/page… don’t think it works with iOS chrome?

Put the Neuro last in line if you have non-SA MIDI pedals. Should help out a bit.

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Can you set your iPad Chrome browser to via the Morningstar website as “Desktop View”? That may work.

Quick update. SA has been working to fixed the issue with the NeuroHub. I think they will get there and release this as an upgrade.