Controlling Ottobit Jr with MC8


I just got my MC 8 and it’s working great with all my midi pedals. But I cannot figure out how to get it working with the Ottobit Jr.

I’ve set the Ottobit to midi in and to the channel I want.

Do I have to do anything special in the mc8. I’ve plugged in a trs cable from mc8 port 4 into the Ottobit. Do I set the omniport to midi (deprecated)

Or do I simply need the Meris midi i/I?

Thanks for your help!

Welcome! I don’t know the Ottobit but the manual states that it needs their proprietary MIDI breakout box connected via TRS from the Ottobit’s Exp/midi socket: MIDI I/O - Meris

Though, this post says to me: it’s got to be worth connecting the Ottobit to an omniport with a TRS and trying all of the available midi settings? Worst case it doesn’t work!

Manual: MIDI Editor Manual (v1.3

Finally, the pedal’s listed in the midi dictionary so that points to someone having got it working with an MC somehow!

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Thanks for the reply. I saw those posts and thought the same thing about it being in the midi dictionary.

It’s probably some setup thing I’m overlooking or something.

For Meris, you need to set the Omniport to “MIDI Tip Active”. Can you try that and see if it works?

If not, just double check the settings in the Meris again (Port and MIDI channel settings) as it is easy to get it wrong

Awesome! I’m nearly 100% sure I did this before, but it’s working now.

The one thing I did different was changing the omniport setting to tip on the unit instead of the editor. When I did that the mc8 restarted. I wonder if the restart was what did it?

Thanks again for all your help. This is truly and incredible box!

Cool. Often for global settings in the editor on your laptop, you’ll need to change the settings and hit save for the relevant section of settings. Which will trigger a restart as required. Glad it’s working!