Controlling neural dsp and pirate midi bridge 6

First I saw where the bridge 6 was compatible with Morningstar MC series but it’s not out yet I’m wondering what kind of “compatible” they mean.

Second I am not sure how to use my mc8 to control my neural dsp plugins like archetype series(plini specifically). It’s got a midi learn feature which idk how it works or what messages my mc8 should be sending to simply toggle pedals on or off or change presets because “assign midi” does nothing.

Hi. We are not sure about the bridge 6 as it is not out yet. What they probably mean is that it’s just like our controllers and can send MIDI messages of your choice to control what you need. Our MIDI controllers do respond to incoming MIDI messages according to our MIDI implementation chart here and as shown in our MIDI Dictionary.

Yes, you can use Morningstar controllers to control software like DAWs and plugins. Cory Wong uses the MC6 to control his Archetype plugin:

You just need to make each switch send a CC message and you can then map them to your plugin controls. You can also connect an expression pedal to control your software. We will be releasing a video about this within the week. So subscribe here to get the latest updates.

Ok thanks for the info. I figured that I just had to configure the Morningstar to send messages and that midi learn wouldn’t work without having anything on the mc8 to send. But the neural videos don’t mention it and gloss over it assuming everyone either owns a behringer fcb101 or know how to do midi.

I was curious about the pirate midi device because it looks just like a mc6 with lights and specifically mentioned Morningstar compatibility which has me excited that I can free up 2-4 buttons on my mc8 I was using as navigation. I’m stoked to see the breakneck pace of updates I’ve just poked around the newest patch after being away for a few months and man the web editor is looking a lot better! Keep it up!

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