Controlling MOOD's bypass status?

I’m having trouble imagining how to use my MC8 to control the bypass status of MOOD. The problem is the lack of states on MC8 combined with this weird MIDI implementation on MOOD. Here’s how you turn on the left and right channels on and off (embedded picture instead of text because of the symbols):

So the problem is that assigning foot switches to turn the left/right channels on/off doesn’t work, as the footswitch doesn’t know the current state of the other channel. Any ideas on how to make this work? I also have a Midihub for processing MIDI messages but I haven’t come up with a solution using it either.

Bumping as I’m having similar difficulties (though I’m still exploring whether it might be due to my chain of MC6 > Morningstar MIDI Box > TRS 1/8 to 1/4 > TRS right angle adapter).

Anyone have some example configurations they can share?

I don’t have a MOOD, but from the post above I’d do something like:

Release - 103.0 - Pos 1
Release - 103.127 - Pos 2
Release - Toggle Preset

Then, I’d use alternative actions for the others, maybe something like:

Long Press - 103.85
Double Tap Release - 103.45

Maybe include Engage Set Toggle messages for the last two, so that the next Release will bypass.

While I’m typing this I can start to imagine other ways as well, so maybe just use this as a jumping off point. It really all depends on how you use it during performance.


I’m still snail pace exploring this, and it looks like CBA has provided some videos on this topic:

It looks like they program buttons to use in cases when one side is bypassed, and program other buttons when ones is engaged. That’s a lot of buttons, so I’ll first be exploring @quasar’s ideas above.

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I had very similar issues - I emailed CBA and this was their reply…

“We did reconfigure the CC’s for bypass/engage to a much simpler method that uses easy to understand commands isolated to each side. We would need you to bring your MOOD in for update…”.

So it looks like you need to send it in for an update to get this to work which isn’t really practical for me in the UK but now I know there’s nothing more I can do - at least I can control almost all other CC’s in MOOD so it’s not a big problem.



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I wonder if this applies to all MOOD pedals, or perhaps just the earlier ones. For example, i believe earlier Blooper pedals had different CC assignments than ones that were built later.

I’m not sure - I’ve only just bought my MOOD so it shouldn’t be an earlier one - seems a bit odd.