Controlling ML5 with MC8

I been searching the ML5 manual but didnt really fully get it:
Is there a way besides the learning mechanism to controll the ml5 with a MC8?

As I understand I can setup the MC8 presets A-H to send some midi PC singals and then make the ml5 learn to match it’s current loop state and what I am sending. Is this right?

My scenario: I have a MC8 that sets the state of the ml5 (through the way described above) and another (!) mc8 that is supposed to activate/toggle the ML5 Loop E on any state that I have currently going on.

That means let’s say I have my fuzz on ML5 a, my drive on b, my Rat on c and a booster on e. Whenever needed I want to boost (with e) my Loops that are active through A to D.

Now I think the learning mechanism doesnt help me here, I need to send midi controls through my second MC8 to tell ML5 to activate or toggle the Loop E. I’m not sure if I found that in the ML5 manual.

Also the question remains if I can combine learning and direct controls or should fully switch to direct controls then.


I don’t own a ML5 but you could just try it for yourself.
Recall a learned preset and see if sending a CC message works

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I have an ML5 - this works pretty much exactly like how you’d think

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Hi. You can program some switches on your MC8 to recall presets (loop combinations) on the ML5, and have others to toggle specific ML5 loops on/off. It is fully customizable and how you have it set up will depend on your needs.

We made a video going into all the details here:

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Thanks guys!
It helped!

I made my ml5 learn and sent additionally cc codes!