Controlling MC8 remotely

I’m looking for recommendations for generic SW on MacOs that can send simple PC/CC messages towards the MC8. I’ve looked everywhere and this seems like such a basic function but can’t find anything out there (or I’m overlooking an obvious solution). I tried to dig into coding it up myself but the swift CoreMIDI structure is a mess to the point where existing libraries from gitHub, which should work, are broken.

That or perhaps this a feature request to the Morningstar folks. Can you build a simple controller that triggers the MC products outside the editor when it is disconnected? Similar to Nixie for Strymon or ToneStudio for GTK.

I’m tight for space and need to control my pedalboard remotely as well improve my workflow and this functionality would help greatly.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Hi. We do not have plans for that at the moment. It is slightly more complicated because there are different actions attached to each preset. A simple engage preset won’t work because it won’t know which actions are to be engaged.

Here’s a project already started that does send Press events via a webUI. I use it while programming so I don’t have to reach down to my pedal to change pages/presets I’m programming.
You’ll need to run it under a webserver that understands PHP, feel free to fork and submit PR’s if you want!

Thank you sonicblaze! Apologies for the delayed response, I was able to launch the tool last night (had a bug in my local web server environment preventing me from launching it, but got it figured out). Will try it out over the next few days.