Controlling MC6 via USB controller over MIDI

I’d like to try using an external MIDI controller (MidiFighter Twister in my case) to drive the MC6 some of the time - just to navigate and send expression CCs to particular pedals.

I guess the nature of USB hosts is that this will never work over just a hub but should it work if the hub is connected to a Mac, ie with some configuration in Audio-Midi set up to route, say, Midi Channel 1 out from the MidiFighter to Midi Channel 1 In on the MC6? or is the MC6 only going to accept Midi from the actual MIDI In DIN port?

I do this with an IConnectivity MIOXM.

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Good to know that that works - and i have an iConnectivity iConnectMIDI2 here that i’ve practically never used, maybe i can do something with that? - but i’m definitely not up for buying something that costs 100’s of $ or € to solve the problem!

So, i dug out the iConnectMIDI2+ (kudos to iConnectivity, there was updated firmware to be had, their Auracle software works even with older models like this one) and i was able to get the Midifighter Twister to control the MC6


…but, so far only have it working if i route the MIDI thru the Mac, using Ableton to do the routing. I’m not sure if it’s even possible to get the MIDI from Midifighter to iConnect thru a USB hub without a computer attached.

Thanks, @CSurieux for the suggestion

That’s what I do : no computer, just routing and filtering.