Controlling DT Whammy w/ ex

Hello all,

I am trying to control my digitech whammy pedal with a (mission or moog)expression pedal connected to my mc8.

I have a pc message at heel down position set so that it bypasses the whammy pedal effect . Another pc message activates the octave 2 whammy effect when the expression pedal is engaged. And a cc message with a value of 0-127 that controls the expression pedal position of the pedal.

I calibrated the expression pedal on the mc8 and the pedal on the actual dt whammy. The midi messages are being sent as I have used the midi monitor to ensure it’s working. But when I use the mission expression pedal connected to the dt whammy, it doesn’t register quick back to back rocks of the expression pedal. So a lot of time the dt whammy is never engaged and it stays in the bypass mode that was assigned to the heel down position.

How can I fix this. I want to be able to rapidly use the expression pedal as quick as I want as I would if I were using the actual whammy pedal on the unit.

You may need to change the sensitivity of the expression pedal.

Yeah I have the sensitivity on high. It appears that the engage pc message is not always being sent.

What firmware are you running in the MC? Looks like latest beta 3.9.3 addresses a heel down bug…

Have you tried lowering the sensitivity? I had a scenario where the sweep was acting blocky because the sensitivity was too high. Lowering it improved it a lot. It seems contradictory, I know.

I am on the latest 3.9.3 firmware. And I have tried all sensitivities.

Does the expression engage always work for you guys when paired with a heel down bypass ?

I have sort of found a way that some what works . To make it work I have a cc value 0-127 for pedal position, pc message to enable whammy on engage, a pc message to activate whammy on toe and a pc message to bypass on heel.

Although I notice that when the pedal is quickly moved from heel to toe not all of the cc values are sent, meaning that a lot of the time it just goes from 0 straight to 127. Instead of giving a quick pitch bend up to 127.

Which exact expression pedal are you using and is it connected via TRS? The Boss EV30 works perfectly.

We just released v3.9.4 with some improvements to the expression heel down/toe down /engage/disengage triggers. can you give that a try?