Controlling BPM/Tempo on Boss RC-5 from MC8

Hi. I know that this topic has appeared in other threads but I cant seem to get my MC8 to control the BPM/Tempo on my other pedals. I have various midi-controlled Strymon pedals daisy-chained (midi thru - in & out) via 5-Pin Midi and a Boss RC-5 connected to an omni port via TRS. Whatever I try, I can seem to get any pedal to respond to the tap tempo from the MC8…what am I doing wrong please !?

Did you try it while disconnected from the editor?

More info here:

Hi @james. Yes I did, and I tried several re-starts of the MC8.

Can you go to or use another midi monitor software, and check if the clock messages are being sent when you engage the preset?

what strymon pedals do you have connected to the MC8? Are the strymon presets set to respond to midi clock?

Hi @james . When I engage the preset the BPM counter turns green but doesn’t record any messages (see images). I tried configuring a different switch ‘D’ but I get the same result:

if you click on Settings in the MIDI Monitor, can you check that the last setting “Mirror messages” is turned off?

In your photo, is the 106BPM blinking or is it static? if it is static, that means that the MIDI messages are not being generated. I’m assuming it’s because of the setting in the MIDI monitor, where the MC8 sends clock messages and then it gets mirrored back, so it stops.

btw, what firmware version are you running? I’ll give your setup a go.

I’m using F/W 3.9.6. I’ve changed the settings on the midi monitor to match yours but in the process I detected something odd. If I use the Tap Tempo on the MC8 with all my other pedals switched off, the BPM display on the MC8 blinks and the MIDI monitor reflects the correct BPM. I then power on my pedals the repeat the process, this time the BPM does not blink and the Monitor doesn’t detect any BPM.

what’s being connected to the MC8 MIDI In? looks like there might be a midi loop so the mc8 is receiving the signals it sends back, including the midi clock. You don’t need to connect the MIDI signal back to the MC8 MIDI In.

I have my Strymon pedals daisy-chained for midi in/out so I have 2-way messages from those pedals. Is that not a supported configuration?

I’ve just disconnected the MC8 midi-in loop and the MC8 is controlling the tempo on the BOSS RC-5 now… many thanks! The Mobius still isn’t responding to the MC8 Midi tempo so I assume that’s a Strymon Midi config issue?

Are you doing this to control the Strymon devices with Nixie? If not, there’s no need for this.

If you really want to connect the signal back to the MC8, you need to:

  1. Turn on Ignore MIDI Clock
  2. Turn off MIDI Thru

The clock was stopping because the MC8 was receiving an incoming MIDI clock signal

Yes, for the Strymon pedals, in the preset settings, there is a setting for the preset to respond to MIDI Clock, under MIDICL

Thanks @james, you’ve been very helpful. I’ll take another look at the various Strymon settings just in case I haven’t enabled them correctly.

As for Nixie, yes I do use it, but I could always connect the incoming midi to the MC8 as and when I want to use use it, or make the changes you suggest.