Controlling an MC8 on the USB HOST PORT

I am trying to control an MC8 connected to the MC6 PRO USB HOST PORT.
The MIDI messages are sending properly from the MC6 Pro but the MC8 is not receiving anything.

Am I missing something basic @james ?

how are you connecting it? is it via a USB hub, or a USB C to UBS B cable?

If a USB Hub, do note that not all USB Hubs are supported. i.e. those with HDMI/SD card etc functionality will not work

MC6 PRO → USB C to USB A Dongle → USB A to USB B Cable → MC8

@james Apparently I needed to forward USB Device messages to USB Host in order for it to work.
I’m still a little confused as to why that’s the case.

That shouldn’t be the case. So if you turn that setting off (I assume you’re referring to the MIDI thru matrix), then it does not work?

Correct. It only has worked for me so far with that setting enabled.
With my normal settings (only DIN-5 through to DIN-5, all others deselected), it does not seem to work.

@james In classic morningstar forum style, now after deselecting that thru option, it is working.
Same settings as before — but it’s working now.

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