Controlling Akai Force Via MMC

Having some issues with making this work. I am using a type A connector with a stereo adapter extension into omniport 2. I have that port setup as a standard midi out port. I have the other end plugged into the force’s midi in port using the same Type A adapter that came with the machine. I read the Force manual and it is lacking information about the device id. I opened a ticket for that piece and this may well be the reason this is not working. I have the ability to view inbound and outbound midi messages from the Force and I’m not seeing a single message come over from my MC8. I tried sending the device id 127-0x7F, however that does not work for me. I have also spent time going through and selecting each device id one by one hoping to find it that way. I have confirmed that my midi cable is fully functional by connecting it to an alternative device and sending cc to it and was successful. I realize this can be a complicated issue. Hoping to find that someone else has tried this with the Akai Force and a morningstar controller. I performed a few google searches in the hopes of finding someone who has successfully setup MMC remotely, but did not find anything.

We should have documented this somewhere - the Omniports currently do not send SysEx messages, which is what the MMC messages are. Have you tried connecting directly to the MC8 DIN MIDI Out port?

Oh that would definitely be a reason. Let me try moving to that port tonight. Is there a reason why start messages are not available on the Omni ports? It forces limitations into the use of the ports for midi out.

For latency reasons, we disabled sending SysEx on the Omniports. But yes, we’ll look into enabling MMC messages on the Omniports.

Hi, I’m interested to control my Akai Force with a morgningstar controller.
Does Akai force could be added to the Morgningstar editor, into the dictionnary to easly add command to control the Force?
A tutoria to use Akai force exist would be very usefull.
I would like to know if the pedal permit to start a record as a loop, to stop and start it again (into looper akai force)?
Is it possible to record, stop, start, into a clip? maybe to change to next clip?
Thank you.

I moved everything to the Out din port. I’m using a midi thru box to send out to the rest of my gear. I noticed right away a difference in how some of my gear is responding. I was having a midi clock issue with my clockstep metronome and now it is working as intended. Before making that change it was sending out clock to everything, but it was causing the clock to triple and double the rate of the clock speeds. I am also able to see inbound messages to the Force. I was able to get the record strobe feature to work via MMC message using a press action, however nothing else works. Play and stop are not functioning. I don’t see inbound messages on the force from these actions either. I see outbound from the MC8 only.