Controller suggestion for easy preset changes

Hi, I am brand new to midi anything. I have a Strymon Timeline and potentially a Volante on it’s way. No other midi pedals but you never know😀.

I am looking for an easy way to navigate and select presets on both pedals. Looping is a plus.

Any suggestions for a controller that is easy to use for this?

I think with only one to two pedals, I’d buy an MC3.
It’s small and convenient, does everything the two bigger ones do…
The question is: what are you looking for? Do you NEED to have e.g. 8 presets on a screen? Or would it be sufficient to have 2-3 (more if you use the other pressing functions) and maybe wanna scroll through banks or presets? Space-issues on the board? etc…

I want to be prepared for a 6 song set. Each song may have 2-4 delay presets. It would be cool
to be able to hit one switch per preset change. I’m not really sure how the devices work but do want to keep it easy to navigate live.

Board space is not too much of a concern - can go up to 7” wide by 5” deep if needed.

Any more advice for a newly?
Maybe a good link to explain how these mysterious boxes work?.

Hello @6v6champ. Nothing mysterious here. Any of the controlers can change the presets on your midi driven stuff at the touch of a button. All we have to do is connect them and program the controller with the proper commands found in the midi charts on the manual of the gear you want to control. You can use a bank for song. You choose the model depending on the number of switches you want to have under your feet for ease of use. MC3 if you need to use 3 presets, MC6 for 6 presets. Take in account that the MC3 can access 6 presets in each bank because you have two pages for bank (the same with the MC6 - 12 presets for bank), The difference is that you have direct access for the first three and have to toggle page to access the other three. (that means one more button press). Adding to this, you can do different actions to the same button using Press, long press and double press (that way you can engage three different presets with one button - that gives 18 different actions to MC3). Hope this helps you.