Control the expression pedal


is it possible to have the expression with just one msg activated instead of all msg at the start ? I know I can choose the msg thanks to the select Explique message menu but I prefer add or change after than withdraw the msg.

Hi. Yes, that is possible. You can program a Select Expression message to your Bank Preset on Bank 1. Select the On Enter event. That way you can have all your exp messages deselected upon power up when you enter bank 1. We show how to use Bank Presets in this video:

great ! thanks! so a new question with bank settings :
what’s the difference when you select type “set toggle” between toggle position “toggle” and “engage toggle” ?

Disengage and Engage toggle sets the toggle position of the selected presets to position 1 and 2 respectively, while toggle allows you to toggle the position of the selected presets between 1 and 2.

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