Control more than one device?

is it possible to use the morninstar mc to control more than one midi device at the same time

for example i currently use an axe fx and use the mc6 on that - i want to add a boss looper and also control the boss looper with the mc6 (the boss only has 2 buttons but accepts midi in and has midi out etc)

is this possible

You sure can. Just assign each device to different midi channels so they don’t interfere with each other. You can send commands to multiple devices from the same preset if you need to.

How do I do that as there is only one midi output on the morningstar etc

the most common way to hook up multiple midi device is Daisy Chaining.

An example in your case might be From the Midi Output of the MC6… To the Midi Input of the Axe FX… From the Midi Output of the Axe Fx… To the Midi Input of the Boss Looper.
Each case is different, so that might not be the order you need to go. If you have a device that needs for a command to go to another device after it in the chain then you need to make sure that Midi Thru setting is enable on that device.
Another option to daisy chaining is to buy a box like this…

that lets you have one input to split to multiple devices.