Considering modding my MC6 Pro - am I nuts?

Hey all, long story short, I am trying to implement midi control over a pedal with an external button port (similar to a tap tempo port), and my understanding is that this is what the relay ports are for. However, I am really trying to cut back on cables from my MC6 to my FX rack.

Since 5 pin Midi only uses 3 out of 5 pins, I am considering modifying my MC6 Pro with a couple of jumper wires to internally link one of the relay ports to the 2 unused conductors in my Midi cable. My MC-6 Pro’s midi cable currently plugs into a DIY midi distribution box that I made, which sends the midi signals to all my effects. I would just use that distro box to break out the relay port conductors from the 5 pin midi connector and then route it to the external button port on the guitar pedal in question.

I don’t see any reason why this plan wouldn’t work, but I feel the need to ask - am I nuts for considering this?

You are nuts. Fingers crossed

I’d consider to solder some plugs to a cable instead

Should be ok. But you can’t access the relay port jacks on the board without removing the circuit board. Once you remove it (should be relatively straightforward), you can just solder a wire connecting the Tip/Ring and Ground to the MIDI port jack. Since you have only 2 wires available for this, it’ll need to be Tip OR Ring and Ground.

Thanks for the replies. I opened her up and looked around - looks like a do-able mod but I think I’m going to try a less invasive approach and solve my problem elsewhere on the pedal board. But I may yet try to use those pins for something…