Considering ML5, but concerned about potential switching issue

I’m finally getting around to building out my pedal board and MIDI setup.
Quite keen on an MC8 and potentially several ML5’s, currently available at a local official dealer.
It’s a significant outlay for me, so I’ve been reading up to make sure they will be suitable for my uses, and I’ve just come across some accounts of switch response issues with the ML5?

The seller on reverb claims this fault has occurred on both his units, and the behavior sounds similar to the above post in this forum. I wish there had been an update to the closed thread so other users and potential customers aren’t left wondering how or if it was resolved?

My local dealers have closed their show rooms due to COVID lock down, with different regions bordered off by travel restrictions so I’d be left dealing with all the postage delays and expenses if the device doesn’t work properly.

Bugs happen, of course, but I’m just a little weary of getting into possible back and forth with postage and returns, as there’s no way I’m aware of to user-update firmware?

Otherwise the devices look to fit my needs perfectly.
It’s like all the design decisions made were as if I’d chosen them for myself. =)
My second choice would be to pair an MC8 with a Diaster Area DPC-8EZ Gen 3.
-But I don’t like having their buffer hardwired.

Or possibly a RJM PBC.

But the MC8/ML5 combo seems most appealing to my needs.
Keen on any info about experiences with prolonged use of an ML5, or how problems have been overcome.


Speaking from experience, I have never had an issue with the buttons on the top of my ML5 not responding. I have owned it for well over 2 yrs and have never had an issue with it paired with my MC6 . I bought them together as a package and haven’t had any trouble with either. Morningstar is a top notch company and I’m sure James will be along soon to address your concerns.

Also I believe this is the answer to the “ account” you came across on the forum. It seems it has been resolved .

Thanks for the reply. I was hoping that was the case. I see James is diligent in addressing questions and concerns, which is great.

I thought I’d better ask about it, as from my Googling, I’ve mostly skimmed through long threads of people (happily) using mc6’s with AxeFX’s and other specific devices and less with loop switchers.

Which speaks to the wide range of uses the controllers are capable of.
Glad yours is working well.
I hope to soon experience the same.

yeah this is the first time I’m hearing of all 5 buttons not working on 2 controllers. or even any buttons not working. Anyway, if anything is damaged and out of our scope of warranty, we never try to make a profit for parts replacement.

The IC Chip in the ML5 is easy to replace and will solve your issues …… James and crew have been nothing but helpful in this regard ……
I will be purchasing additional MorningStar devices in the future …

@FracStrat -Oh that’s great to hear. =)
Thanks for the reply.
Thinking of daisy chaining two or three of them over two boards, predominantly to one mc8.

Sounds like the IC’s may be socketed? Or at ”worst” they’re through-hole components.
Anyway, thanks again.

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I have to laugh; I check back today and since overnight the ML5 is now sold out at all the Australian dealers. I guess the wallet gets a reprieve for now…