Connecting Walrus Audio Mako Series to Morningstar MC8

I’m new to midi controllers and recently purchased the Walrus Mako series but cannot get the pedals to speak to each other after setting up some PC and CC messages in the editor. Upon trying to hold down both buttons of the ACS1 it does not assign itself to a channel. If anyone can assist that would be great!

We don’t have the ACS but we do have the first version of the D1 and it works fine. I believe there are a number of Walrus Mako users here as well so hopefully you can get some feedback on that specific model.

Does the LEDs not flash White when you hold down both buttons on the ACS before powering up? Did you power down the ACS, hold down both buttons and then power it up? (asking since you did not mention about holding it down while powering it up)

Can you share a picture of how the controller is connected to the ACS?