Connecting Two ML10X Units For More Loops?

If I’ve understood it correctly you can hook up two ML10X’s to each other in order to gain more loops. However, (and correct me if I’m wrong) they can not be programmed to activate effects from both units at the same time using just one switch on just one of them?

And if this is correct then can I somehow connect an external MIDI footswitch to activate/deactivate pedals from both ML10X’s?

Should be simple if your MIDI controller can send two discreet sets of channel instructions on one press (for example, the MC6 etc can). Method would be: program your presets on both ML10s, then send commands from your MIDI controller in line with User Manual

Interesting that you’ve arrived at the ML10X before a midi controller…
So are you using the editor to route and switch presets? or the buttons on the unit?
Definitely look at a midi controller, I have an MC8, The MC6 is possibly, arguably a better product now.
You could always go for something small like the MC3, this would still open up a word of functionality for you.

I actually don’t have any Morningstar products yet. The plan so far (when they are available again) is to get an ML10X to hook up all my pedals to, which are:

• Electro-Harmonix - Green Russian Big Muff Fuzz
• TC Electronic - Vortex Flanger (Stereo capable)
• Boss - DD-500 (Stereo capable, MIDI capable)
• Boss - RV-500 (Stereo capable, MIDI capable)
• Boss - MD-500 (Stereo capable, MIDI capable)
• Boss - EQ-200 (Stereo capable, MIDI capable)

I want to utilize the stereo capabilities of all the Boss 500-pedals so these will each need to take up one of the five stereo loops of the ML10X. So that’s a total of three loops, leaving two. The 3 other pedals will be hooked up in mono so two of them will be able to share one loop while the last pedal will take up the final loop. So basically, as it stands right now one ML10X will be sufficient for my current needs.

(Side note: I also have volume and wah pedals but they sit outside of the loop switcher)

But who knows what the future holds, perhaps I will want to add more pedals further down the line and that’s why I was wondering about the possibilities of connecting two ML10X’s to each other in order to gain five more stereo loops. So it was simply a matter of wanting to know whether or not the Morningstar system could be expandable in the future, should I want to.

(Side note: From what I’ve understood you can’t program such a setup to activate one pedal hooked up to one ML10X and simultaneously activate another being hooked up to a second ML10X, which means the ML10X isn’t really expandable. If I’m wrong about this then please let me know.)

Then the plan is to use an MC8 as the actual switcher to activate different sets of pedals, as well as different settings on those with MIDI capabilities.

But this project doesn’t stop there I’m affraid, as I also need to be able to control channel-switching on my amps, yes that’s plural. I actually run a Wet/Dry/Wet rig. This means I have a total of 3 amps + one external preamp pedal (a Victory V4 -The Kraken valve preamp). The Kraken is hooked up through both the FX-Loop and the front of my main amp (Orange TH30). This allows me to either use the 2 channels of the Kraken or bypass it completely and use either of the two channels of the Orange, giving me 3 dirty channels, as well as one clean channel.

Both the Orange and the Kraken have TRS-inputs for remote switching between the channels and these needs to be hooked up to 2 Morningstar Relay Interfaces, which in turn are hooked up to the switcher. This will allow me (as far as I’ve understood) to program the ML10X to not only activate a specific set of pedals and settings on those pedals with MIDI capabilities but also switch channels with just one step on a switch on the MC8. For instance, whenever I’m using my fuzz pedal I’m running it through the clean channel of my Orange so if I want to activate my fuzz I obviously want to simultaneously activate the clean channel of the Orange. A Relay Interface will allow me to do that.

I then also plan to add an expression pedal to the MC8 in order to be able to seamlessly increase or decrease the amount of dry signal going from the Boss 500-pedals to my two wet stereo amps. Or to simply control the amount of delay or reverb.

I know, this might be a bit much to take in all at once but hopefully it will give a more clear picture of what I’m trying to do and why. :slightly_smiling_face:
I have a real monster of a rig and I simply want to maximize the use of all my gear and be able to program my board to do whatever I need it do with a simple tap of a switch.

:rofl: Love it.
sounds like a monster.
my first thought is around your fuzz and pre amp set up.
I have an ES8 for my comps, drives, fuzz and a SansAmp
then a ML10X in Loop 8 (stereo) with JMP1 preamp, Gx700, Filter Pro, Vortex, BigSky, TimeLine.
I run a JCM900 but don’t use its preamp.
Stereo out to the JCM and a Champ and a separate stereo out to a Boss RC505 that outputs to the power amp of a JC120.
Complex but obviously different to your project.

I’d be seeing yours in the vein of a 4 cable method (gone rogue)
Maybe the 2 x ML10X could be one for input and pre amp section (where I’m using the ES8)and one for post/stereo FX section.
With the Fuzz Vortex and Pre amps in an ML10X you should get some cool routing options.

All of your control capability should be possible with the MC8
Once you go down that path, each preset needs to hit everything or you’ll get some funky results.
Factor in adding the extra switches available in the MC8 too
I use the full 9, I like to set them as the same for every bank.
So I can always bank jump to those I use the most regardless of which bank I’m currently in.
Scenes, Delays, Reverbs, Mods, Filters, My Jam/Play bank, Expression banks and TAP Tempo, Page and Bank up/down
You might have some set for your amp switching for example
Not having levels bouncing around gets tricky

I have the MC8 it’s great but the screen leaves a bit to be desired.
I really like the look of the MC6Pro.
Will there be an MC8Pro??

… You could run in series or use up a loop and have one ML10X in the other.
Either way will work

Beware…option anxiety ahead… :flushed:

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Sorry to bump an old thread… I too want to run two Ml10x’s if it’s possible. My concept is to run my comps, drives, eq’s, and UA amp sims in one ML10X. Then all my wet effects in the other ML10X. I know for audio routing I can just put one of the units in one stereo loop of the other. My question is wether or not my MC6 Pro can send different MIDI assignments to each?

I don’t have an ML10x but you should be able to set each one on a different midi channel and just send the messages to whichever channel you are trying to control.

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It would be great to have someone from Morningstar reply

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Yes, each ML10X has a MIDI channel and Device ID setting. With each on an independent MIDI channel, you can control them independently with CC or PC messages. For the Device ID, you can control them independently with the ML10X message type in our MC controllers:


Ok, but controlling them independently is not the question.

Let’s say you have two ML10X’s on your board and you have a delay pedal hooked up to one of them and a reverb pedal hooked up to the other one. Is it possible to activate both pedals by stepping on one footswitch on your MIDI-controller?

Sorry if this is a dumb question but I’m not very well versed in MIDI so all of this is brand new to me. But I am very eager to learn and understand how all of this works.

Yes: for example within a preset on your MC6 Pro set message 1 to send to device 1 with a Press action, and message 2 to send to device 2 with a Press action. Then, when you press, messages are sent to both ML10s

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That’s fantastic!

That means with two ML10X’s you can have up to 20 mono pedals or 10 stereo pedals, all of which you can combine any way you want with a single push of a MIDI footswitch. That opens up for a quite extensive combination of different sets of effects.

That’s awesome. ThNk you for the response! Happy Thanksgiving!

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If you’ve set up your board for 2 or more ML10Xs, would love to see how you did it.
So far, the max I’ve seen is 4 ML10Xs in a rig, but the user was using them in series.

ML10X 1: Distortion stage (select from a list of dirt pedals)
ML10X 2: Delay stage (select from a list of delay pedals)
etc etc

Hello James!
What I want to know is if the ML10X is truly expandable or not. So, let’s say you have a distortion pedal hooked up to one ML10X (let’s call this switcher 1), and you have a delay pedal hooked up to another ML10X (switcher 2).

Can I activate both of them by stepping on a single footswitch on my MIDI-controller? Or would I need to push a second footswitch on the MIDI-controller in order to activate both?

As others stated, you just need to program two messages to the same switch both with a press. When you click the switch it will send both messages. What you can’t do is take a pedal in the 2nd ML10x and use it between two pedals on the 1st ML10x. You are getting two sets of re-arrangeable loops that can be activated at the same time but the 2nd set of loops will be after the 1st set of loops.

yes, what @cVarsity said.

Each ML10X responds to MIDI messages on it’s channel. If your MC is sending 2 MIDI messages to both ML10X to engage the 1 pedal on each ML10X (so both are engaged), then yes it will work.

wondering if i could get some help here with my problem:
Using 2 ML10X, I have everything set up on that end., one is named omni the other is 1. i’m using 2 MC8s and when trying to program a press on device 1 ( B tip) it is also checking the box for B tip on Omni. so when i press b tip on device 1 it is also activating b tip on Omni which is not what i want it to do. any work around for this?

You’d have to change the midi channel. ‘OMNI’ means the device recieves midi on all channels.

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Old thread, but this is how I did it.

ML10X Loop Pedal Notes
# 1 A Tip EQD Hoof Reaper Octave Fuzz
# 1 A Ring EHX Pitch Fork
# 1 B Tip/Ring Send to ML10X In/Out
# 2 A Tip Stone Deaf Q Boost
# 2 A Ring Stone Deaf PDF-1X
# 2 B Tip/Ring UAFX Dream '65 (Amp 1)
# 2 C Tip/Ring UAFX Lion (Amp 2)
# 2 D Tip/Ring Strymon Mobius * Stereo, but since it’s in the ML10X, I can use it like you would with a Pre/Post setup.
# 2 E Tip/Ring Dry Send, Audition Loop, Gtr/Amp #2
# 1 C Tip/Ring Empress EchoSystem
# 1 D Tip/Ring Empress Reverb
# 1 E Tip/Ring Strymon DECO

I feel like this was the best balance of simplicity and flexibility and allows for some interesting use cases described below. I use a tuner in front of ML10X #1 (Input Tip). MC6 PRO is the brains.

Use Case 1 - Multi-Amp Setup
Can use one channel from each of the amp emulations to mix two amps together. Alternatively, can just use one amp or the other in stereo.

Use Case 2 - Dry Send
Using one guitar, I can send that to one of the amp modelers and then route the signal back into the first ML10X. Loop E on ML10X can send the amps signal before there is any reverb, delay, or modulation so I can use that as a dry signal for recording purposes.

Use Case 3 - Two guitar and amp rig:
I can run one guitar on Input 1 (Tip) and another guitar on Input (Ring). Then I can send the guitars to ML10X #2 where one can use the Lion and the other can use the Dream. As an example, the Dream can be sent to the ML10X #2 Loop E as a second set of stereo outputs while the Lion can be routed back into the ML10X #1 and out the main stereo outputs. This allows for a buddy to come over and jam without needing to bring their amp.

Use Case 4 - Demo a Pedal
I can use the ML10X #2 Loop E as a stereo send/return where I can plug in pedals to demo and try out. With advanced routing, I can have some choice on where the pedal is in the chain.

Mind-blowing what you can do with these amazing products, big props to Morningstar!

Thanks James!

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