Connecting New Strymon Blue Sky to MC8

I recently bought a new Strymon Blue Sky and El Capistan with midi capabilities through the expression input through TRS. How would I need to configure the ports on the MC8 to work with these? I am not exactly sure how to configure them using the editor. Thank you!

Hi! Well the Blue Sky manual doesn’t state whether that connection is tip or ring. If you’ve got a TRS cable I’d suggest plugging it in and trying each of the possible omniport settings, once you’ve configured the pedal to accept midi:

MIDI Editor Manual (v1.3 and scroll to “Configure Expression Ports”

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Standard mode works on DIG so I’d assume it will for the others too :slight_smile:

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FYI this is the response I got from Strymon

“The MIDI data is received by the pedals from the TIP. When MIDI OUT or THROUGH is enabled on these pedals, the MIDI data is sent out of the pedal from the RING of the TRS connection.”

Cool that they replied, good on them. So I’d connect a TRS cable and try ‘standard’ first for the omniport. Then ‘tip active’ if that doesn’t work!

There’s Schematics on the Strymon site to.
Side thought, maybe consider a Midi Splitter and run from the 5Pin
free up the Omniports for Exp and or more switches.