Connecting Midi a and Midi b synths to MidiBox

I have a just delivered Midibox and I need help configuring it to control MIDI type A and Midi type B for my modular synth. I also need to send the two pole TS type of midi. I have changed the jumpers but nothing seems to be working. Need confirmation before i assume this is a defective unit.

the MIDI does not have a type B setting though. the only options are:
Type A
Ring Active
Tip Active

To get Type B, you can use the Type A setting and then wire your TRS cable tip to ring and ring to tip on each end to suit a Type B setting.

I have this issue as well, trying to figure out how to connect The midi box to Vongon Paragraphs which uses midi type B via 1/8" mini jack. I have a trs 1/8" cable from port 8 (TRS) of the midi box to the paragraphs midi in jack, but no dice. Would this cable hack you mention above work in my case? Or could I buy a Midi Type B to 1/8" adapter from Vongon and connect it via midi cable into a type A adapter to the midi box?