Connecting MC8 to my DAW

Hi All, I am trying to sync my pedalboard’s master clock (via MC8) to Ableton Live. My two goals are:

  1. I want to sync the master clock so my time based devices like the Specular Tempus sync to Ableton Live’s tempo clock

  2. I want to sync my Boss RC500 looper to Ableton Live’s master clock so I can record loops on the looper, then copy record them to Live without having to do lots of warping work to sync recordings.

Right now I am just trying to get a signal, so I’d like to confirm the correct signal path. Am I correct that tempo goes midi out from Live to midi in of MC8?

I’m still kind of a midi noob, so any tips are appreciated.


Just to clarify, you want to use Ableton Live as the master clock, and then send out the clock tempo via the MC8 to all the connected pedals?

If so, then you just need to turn on Cross MIDI Thru (in Controller settings >> General configuration) so incoming MIDI clock will pass through to the MIDI outputs. Also, turn off Ignore MIDI Clock.

Yes, exactly, James. Thanks much!