Connecting MC6 to multiple USB devices

Hello all. I have just ordered a Morningstar MC6. I have read the manual but cannot find how I can connect the MC6 to 3 devices (pedals) that only have USB for midi. I would also like to run the editor on my PC at the same time. Is all of this possible? Do I need some sort of hub? Can anyone please give me a guide to how this can be done.
With thanks, Daryl

I think it depends on which pedals you are using. The Tensor by Red Panda, for example, will only accept midi via USB in conjunction with a MIDI USB host. I ended up going with the Kenton USB MIDI host, as it was the smallest form factor I could find. Disaster area may make a smaller product now, but at the time the Kenton was the move.

That being said, a USB hub will absolutely work to send out to multiple USB devices, given that you are sending your messages on different MIDI channels. It will work just like a MIDI hub in that sense-- the pedals will only react to the messages on the channel they are set to. I can’t say how things will react when connecting the morningstar editor into that same usb hub though.

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iConnectivity products are really good for integrating USB midi devices into a rig.

If you go with the cheaper model you can use a standard USB hub to expand to however many ports you will need.
I ran an experiment to see if I could use the editor through my iConnectivity USB hub and it didn’t detect the Morningstar. It might need to run through a more standard USB hub instead to make a direct connection to the PC.

Thanks for your suggestions. I have had some good support from Brandon at Morningstar Engineering and I need to get a Midi USB Host. I have ordered a Kenton Midi USB Host mkII to solve the problem.

Hi there, just FYI, I recently had the same issue. And bought the Kenton hub before realising that Disaster Area make a product called the MIDI baby that’s capable of doing the same thing in a much smaller and far more sturdy pedalboard-friendly package. I’ve since bought the MIDI baby and would recommend one to anybody looking for a USB host, The Kenton is functionally fine, but the build quality is pretty poor for the price and it comes bundled with a 5V adapter rather than 9V.

I have received my Kenton USB Host now and it is fine in a studio environment, but I agree with all of your comments and the Disaster Area product would be the best choice for a pedalboard.

I’ve thought about getting the midibaby-- so you just connect 5 pin from the morningstar then midibaby USB > USB port on whatever pedal? did you also need the gHost?

Yep! You can also use a mini -> mini usb connector if you can find one. I got one on eBay, slightly cheaper than the gHost.