Connecting 2 controllers to 1 pedal

MIDI newbie here. Anyone know a way to connect 2 controllers to one pedal? In my case I am trying to control the Boss RC-600 via both the Morningstar MC-8 (for the footswitches), and an Arturia Keylab 49 Essential (to access faders, knobs and drumpads). Since there is only one “MIDI IN” port on the RC-600, not sure if this is possible or needs a special connector.

just connect the Arturia to the Midi In port of the MC and the Midi Out of the MC to the RC. Enable Midi Through on the MC and make sure every device has it’s own midi channel.


Thanks, I’ll give this a shot and let you know how it goes!

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So I’ve got the Arturia MIDI out connected to the MC MIDI In, and the MC MIDI Out to the RC MIDI In…here’s what else I did:

  1. On the Arturia Controller, set Channel to 1 for 3 CCs (01 through 03), assigned to sliders 1-3, and on the RC assigned CC01 through CC03 to control Track Volumes 1 through 3.
  2. On the MC, set Global Settings to MIDI Through, and RC to MIDI Channel 1
  3. On the RC, set MIDI RX CH CTL to CTL 1 and MIDI THRU MIDI IN to “USB & MIDI”

So far, this configuration is not allowing me to do what I want, i.e. control RC track volume with Arturia sliders when MC sits between the two MIDI-wise. Note that it DOES work if I connect the Arturia directly to the RC and bypass the MC.

Any thoughts appreciated…

Does the RC respond to messages send by the MC?

I can’t find any target other than ‘current track level’ in the parameter guide. What did you assign to cc1-cc3 on the RC?

Nevermind I’ve found the correct target.
‘Source Mode’ for the assigns should be ‘Momentary’

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Yes, RC does respond to messages sent by MC. And Source Mode is set to Momentary.

I actually did have the Arturia controlling the RC600 (with the MC8 in the middle) for a second. Then I tried introducing 2 other pedals into the MIDI chain and it was back to not working. Tried removing the 2 other pedals (just Arturia → MC8 → RC600), again not working for the 3-device chain. Tried unpowering/powering up everything, nothing.

It does seem like the MC8 is creating the problem.

Very strange…

If it was working, at one point, it’s most likely a faulty cable. Also, disconnect the MC from the editor when testing.

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On the MC8, did you turn MIDI Thru ON in the controller settings?

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Update on this - suddenly everything is working via the Arturia controller, I even added two pedals to MIDI chain. I tried changing out MIDI cables to see if one was faulty (they all seem good), confirming MIDI Thru, restarting everything and there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to why it did/didn’t work.

Happy to get this far, thanks for your help!!