Configuring Dynamic Patch Changes on the MC8 - Is It Possible?

I wanted to do the following to save banks on the MC8 and simplify my use of the MC8.

On bank 1, on page 1, each preset has MIDI commands that are set according to an individual song. These are PC commands to various pedals on different channels. For example, preset A sets Patch 10 on my Gtk Core, and preset B sets Patch 20 on the same pedal. Additionally, the button flips from page 1 to page 2.

On page two, I would now like to be able to do the following. If I pressed preset A, I want with preset I to switch to patch 11 if I press once, patch 12 if I press twice.

If I pressed preset B, I want with preset I to switch to patch 21 if I press once, patch 22 if I press twice.

Is this possible to do? Actually, I now realize the question is, can one increase a patch by +1 with each press, or must each press be a fixed number?

Thank you for your answer,

Hi, there are multiple ways to achieve this. I’d suggest using a ‘pc scroll counter’.
A scroll counter can be set up in controller settings.
Once this has been done the counter can be managed with a ‘pc message scroll’ message type.